Adish  Aggarwala

Adish Aggarwala

President of International Council of Jurists


Adish Agarwala is a lawyer, writer and public figure, senior lawyer for the state of Haryana, lawyer for the state of Punjab, and senior government adviser to the Supreme Court of India and the High Court of Delhi.

In addition, Dr. Agarwala is President of the International Council of Jurists; Chairman of the Indian Bar Association; Member of the Board of the Indian Bar Council; Head of the Indian Institute of Legal Information; Secretary General of the Indian Senior Bar Association.

At various times he was the Executive Director and Member of the Academic Council of the Faculty of Law of the Indian University in Bangalore, Vice President of the Bar Association of the Supreme Court of India and Deputy Chairman of the Delhi Bar Council. Member of the Academic Council of the National Law University of Patna.

Adish Agarwala studied at Vaish College in Rotak, Haryana State, where he constantly held an active civic position and was elected chairman of the student society.

In 1972 he was elected President of the National Council of Indo-Soviet Friendship. While attending college, Adish Agarwal was the editor of a student magazine under the patronage of the then Indian President and Prime Minister.

In 1982, Adish Agarwala was elected as the youngest vice-president of the Bar Council of India, the highest body of lawyers created under the Indian Bar Act.

In 1986, Adish Agarwala was appointed Senior Adviser to the government of Rajiv Gandhi. Adish Agarwala was responsible for reforming the education sector in India. He is credited with raising the level of legal education and the creation of 140 new law schools.

Even with a change in the country's leadership, Adish Agarwala was re-appointed as Senior Advisor to the government.

He is a Freelance Law Lecturer at many law schools in India and abroad.