Before the conference, there are a lot of logistical issues to take care of. Speakers and special guests must be invited, materials to be handed out at the conference must be designed, ordered and organized, and thorough agendas for all events must be created.

Prepare and order all of your advertising, mailing and print materials early. Distribute them to members of the Model UN community, local chapters of UNA-USA or Model UN websites and online calendars.

Keynote Speaker

Securing a Keynote Speaker is one of the most important things for your conference's opening ceremonies. Start contacting potential speakers early and often.

Things to consider when obtaining a speaker:
  • Match your audience and their interests to what the speaker can offer.
  • Consider your budgetary constraints.
  • Give desired speaker all details about the event with plenty of lead time.
  • Have a backup plan or speaker.

Special Guests

Special guests can include anyone from school principals to leaders of area organizations to prominent government officials. You can have special guests view committees, talk to teachers and even talk to students. Be sure to keep records of special guests, get biographies, inform your staff of their presence and have activities for them to do while visiting the conference.

Conference Program

Every conference should have a conference program containing useful information, such as a final conference schedule and committee room locations.

Things a program should include:

  • Welcome Letters
  • Conference Schedule
  • Faculty Program
  • Special Guests
  • Conference Secretariat
  • Conference Staff Descriptions
  • Conference Administration
  • Delegate Code of Conduct
  • Committee Session Process
  • Resolution Submission Process
  • Resolution Clauses
  • Sample Resolution
  • Schools Participating at the Conference
  • Countries Represented at the Conference
  • Expectations for Performance
  • Maps
  • Advertisements & Upcoming Conferences
  • Short Rules of Procedure

Welcome Letter for Conference Programs

Welcome letters should come from government officials, the Secretary-General of the UN and the conference secretary-general. Prominent figures from the host city government or of your venue also help establish relationships that benefit your conference.

Supplies, Office Equipment, Etc.

Below is a list of useful supplies and equipment you should have at your conference:
  • Computers for delegates to type resolutions
  • Printer (with extra ink)
  • Computer disks
  • Photocopier (with extra toner)
  • Paper
  • Pens
  • Paper clips, white out, tape and extra flip charts
  • UN-related books
  • Name badges
  • Placards
  • T-shirts
  • Notebooks
  • Gavels
  • Stop watches
  • Extension cords
  • Walkie talkies
  • Room signs
  • Roll call sheet
  • Awards
  • Gavels
You should also make roll call sheets for all of your committees.

Opening Ceremonies

Things to keep in mind:

  • Confirm your keynote speaker.
  • Make sure you have a podium and local flags onstage.
  • Only have essential people on the dais/stage.
  • Create an agenda or script.

Closing Ceremonies

Things to keep in mind:

  • Confirm your speaker.
  • Keep it brief.
  • Only have essential people on the dais/stage.
  • Create an agenda or script.
  • Make sure you know how to pronounce names.
  • Have awards near the stage.

Last-Minute Details

During the conference, it is the small things that matter. Do not forget to:
  • Ensure meeting rooms are set up correctly.
  • Stagger meals to best use dining space.
  • Make sure all audio visual works.
  • Make sure people know where conference office is.
  • Make sure there are directional signs.
  • Address issues with teachers.
  • Meet photographers, press, etc.
  • Assign someone to oversee special guests.
  • Oversee check-in.
  • Oversee opening and closing ceremonies.
  • Oversee awards process.
  • Clean up!
At check-in, make sure you have:
  • List of attendees
  • Conference programs
  • Name badges
Pre-Conference Logistics: Problems
  1. Where can we find a Keynote Speaker?
  2. Our Keynote Speaker cancelled at the last minute.
  3. We do not have the budget to print conference programs.