Logistic Note


Fourth Samarkand Forum on Human Rights

"Environmental Challenges: The Future of Human Rights in a Changing World, Finding Sustainable Solutions"


June 13-14



Logistic Note



About the fourth Samarkand forum on human rights “Ecological challenges: The future of human rights in a changing world, the search for sustainable solutions”


Starting from 2020, it is planned to hold the Samarkand Forum on Human Rights at a high organizational level once every two years. At which local and foreign politicians, human rights experts, representatives of ministries, civil society institutions, research centers, and international organizations discuss key aspects and achievements in the field of human rights.

The upcoming IV Samarkand Forum on Human Rights will be dedicated to environmental challenges and their impact on human rights. During the event, participants will be able to discuss a wide range of issues related to the current state of the environment, including climate change, pollution, natural resource depletion and biodiversity loss. Particular attention will be paid to how these environmental issues impact fundamental human rights and freedoms, including the right to health, access to clean water and air, and the right to safe and secure housing.



Format IV Samarkand forum 

IV The Samarkand Forum will be held in Samarkand in a hybrid format and will be broadcast live on YouTube https://www.asianforum.uz .

The forum program is designed to maximally cover all aspects of the relationship between environmental challenges and human rights and includes opening and closing ceremonies, as well as three plenary sessions, each of which will be dedicated to

a relevant topic for discussion in the context of environmental challenges and human rights [1].


Language IV Samarkand forum 

The Samarkand forum will be held in three languages: English, Russian and Uzbek. Interpretation from English to Uzbek and English to Russian will be provided at all meetings, including the opening and closing plenary sessions.


Participants IV Samarkand  forum

The Forum is attended by 200 participants, including politicians, local and foreign experts, human rights experts, climate experts, representatives of ministries working on climate change issues, civil society institutions, the media, research centers, companies, business circles and international organizations.


Date and place:

June 13-14, 2024, Samarkand


Contact Information:

National Center of the Republic of Uzbekistan for Human Rights.

Mail : info@nhrc.uz

Phone / Fax : ( + 998 71) 239 47 22


Conditions of entry into Uzbekistan

In accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan, foreign citizens and stateless persons can enter Uzbekistan and transit through its territory only if they have entry visas.

Visas to foreign citizens and stateless persons are issued at diplomatic missions and consular offices of the Republic of Uzbekistan abroad on the basis of visa support; more detailed rules for entry into the Republic of Uzbekistan can be found by clicking on the following link https://ieg.uz/conditions-energy .

Information on the list of countries with which a visa-free regime has been established can be found by clicking on the link provided. https://ieg.uz/conditions-energy .


Arrival in Uzbekistan (Tashkent, Samarkand)


The most convenient way to get to Uzbekistan is to fly to Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan, from the main international airports in Europe, Asia and the Middle East. National airline " Uzbekistan" Havo Yullari provides regular flights. Detailed information and flight schedules can be found by following the link https :// www . uzairways . com / ru .

The fastest way to get to Samarkand is to fly by plane. In Samarkand there is international Airport , where do Uzbekistan airlines fly Airways , Turkish Airlines , etc. You can also get to Samarkand from Tashkent by high-speed train "Afrosiab".

IN International airports in Uzbekistan have “green corridors”. If you arrive in Uzbekistan without prescription medications ( narcotic , psychotropic, and others; you can see the list of medications Here ), then you do not need to fill out a declaration, and you can go through customs control along the green corridor.

Travelers bringing prescription drugs into Uzbekistan must go through the “red corridor” and fill out customs declaration in duplicate, indicating all medications. One copy of the declaration remains with the customs service; you must keep the second copy with the stamp of the customs officer until the end of your trip to Uzbekistan.


City transport in Samarkand


There are more than 65 bus routes in the city. Buses run from 6:00 to 21:00-22:00. Each route has its own schedule, but on average you will wait 15 minutes for a bus.


Trams in Samarkand start running from 6:00 and end at 22:00. The average waiting time for the desired route is 7-10 minutes.


You can use official passenger transportation services and call a taxi through the application or call center

Car rental

There are several car rental services in Samarkand. You can rent both a standard class car and a business class car.

other methods

You can also rent a bicycle and an electric scooter in Samarkand . There are a lot of bike rental points in the city, but there are still few scooter rental points.


Banking services

The national currency of Uzbekistan is soum . Most exchange offices in the city accept euros and US dollars. Other types of currencies can only be exchanged at exchange offices located directly in banks. In some hotels, currency exchange offices are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Others usually open at 9 am, but the working day ends at 15:30 - 16:00.

The exchange rate of the soum to foreign currencies can vary by approximately + 20 soum . The exchange rate can be viewed on the website of the Central Bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan - cbu.uz. _

Exchange offices and banks will not accept banknotes if they are old, worn, torn, wrinkled, or have anything handwritten on them. Such banknotes are accepted only in one branch of the National Bank of Uzbekistan in Tashkent for 10% of the amount.


Hotel reservation

         Recommended early to book hotel rooms _ before arrival to _ to avoid possible inconvenience . When _ necessity help with booking You you can contact the organizers forums that _ will provide assistance in reservations hotel rooms . _

Step 1: Familiarize yourself with the Recommended Hotels

Organizers forum prepared list recommended hotels , considering various preferences and budgets participants _ These hotels are in a convenient location relatively places carrying out forum and main attractions cities [2].

Step 2: Check Availability Places and prices

Use popular online platforms For reservations hotels to _ compare prices and conditions residence https://www.booking.com/ .

Step 3: Confirmation Reservations

After choice hotel and type placement necessary produce reservation


Medical service

Most medical services in Uzbekistan are paid. If you need a doctor, please contact the hotel reception and use your medical insurance policy.

You can take out a medical insurance policy in your country, after first making sure from your insurance agent that it will be valid in Uzbekistan.


Traveling around Samarkand

Tours to Samarkand are an exciting exploration into the noble heart of Central Asia. You'll experience the rich history and awe-inspiring architectural wonders of the Silk Road's heyday.

A fascinating tale of the past, Samarkand tours take you through the legendary Registan Square , the Shahi Zinda necropolis , the awe-inspiring Bibi Khanum Mosque and other iconic sights of this magical city.


List of attractions


Siab Bazaar

Ahrar Ensemble

Afrasiab ancient settlement

Abdi-Darun Mausoleum

Mausoleum Gur-Emir

Mausoleum of Imam al- Moturidi

Mausoleum of Ishratkhan

Mausoleum Rukhabad

Tillya -Kori Madrasah

Ulugbek Madrasah

Sher-Dor Madrasah

Bibi Khanum Mosque

Ulugbek Observatory


Khizr Mosque

Tomb of Saint Doniyar

Art gallery " Aysel "

Art gallery “Happy Bird”

Art gallery " Chorsu "

Wine Museum

Ulugbek Memory Museum

Museum “ Afrosiab


Food and restaurants

Uzbek kitchen

Main Uzbek dish - pilaf . In every region his prepare in your own way . Many connoisseurs think that _ best pilaf prepare precisely in Samarkand . We recommend try This dish in old parts cities .

Other national dishes Can taste in the restaurants “ Samarkand ”, “ Platan ”, cafe “ Besh” chinor " and " Miliy taomlar ."

Restaurants For vegetarians

Individual restaurants with vegetarian options kitchen in Samarkand no , but in establishments Japanese and European kitchens to you will offer dishes without meat _

Coffee shops and boulangerias

In Samarkand delicious coffee Can drink at Coffee House El-Merosi , Mone Bakery , and Level Rest&Club steakhouse . Fresh baking to you will be offered in Platan Bakery and Mone Bakery _


Shopping in Samarkand

Sami e popular e market and – Siab and Yangi bazaar _ Here Can buy fragrant vegetables and fruits , souvenirs and clothes , as well as amazing sweetness - halva . Samarkand halva special way do from oils So _ _ she melts in mouth _ Also on bazaar There is famous Samarkand flatbreads _

Behind national souvenirs Also costs go to Traditional Handicrafts Market, Urgut Market, Samarkand Textile, art gallery “ Happy” bird " and on Tashkent street .

If to you needed traditional shopping at the mall center then _ check out Makon Mall , Al Madina , Atlas and Nurafshon . There You you can buy clothes , food on food court and see movie .


Safety in Samarkand

Samarkand is a very safe city. Here you can safely take walks both during the day and in the evening. There are a lot of police in the city.

At the same time, do not forget about the basic rules of caution and do not leave things unattended.


Additional information


Weather _ _

Climate Samarkand It has clearly defined seasonality. Winters are usually mild and temperatures do not often fall below 0°C. Since cold snaps occur very rarely and mainly at night. Summer here is very hot , so Not forget it take with you head clothing and sun protection glasses .


What languages are spoken in Samarkand

Majority residents Samarkand They speak the state language of Uzbekistan – Uzbek. Many Samarkand residents They say on Russian language which _ is the language of interethnic communication, as well as Tajik. On English language with you can talk in tourist places _

Emergency service

101– Service fire department security

102– Organs internal affairs

103– Ambulance medical help



Uzbekistan , standard time GMT+5


Capital of Uzbekistan




[1] Appendix 1 “concept and program of the forum”.



Hotel Ishonch https://www.booking.com/hotel/uz/ishonch-on-uzbekistan-street-1g.ru.html?ai


Hotel Minor https://www.booking.com/hotel/uz/minor-samarkand1.ru 


Hotel Ideal https://www.booking.com/hotel/uz/ideal.ru .


Bibikhanum Hotel https://www.booking.com/hotel/uz/ 


DiliMah Premium Luxury https://www.booking.com/hotel/uz/dilimah.ru






Astor Hotel https://www.booking.com/hotel/uz/astor.ru .

EmirHan https://www.booking.com/hotel/uz/emirkhan.ru .

Continental https://mybooking.uz/ru/hotels/samarkand/continental-

East Star hotel https://mybooking.uz/ru/hotels/samarkand/east-star?selected=7050-2537-2-1

Mövenpick Samarkand https://www.booking.com/hotel/uz/registan-plaza-samarkand.ru .