The Asian Forum on Human Rights aims to examine the importance of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights for Central Asia and other Asian countries for the development of the region along the path outlined in Agenda 21 and Sustainable Development Goals.


Part I: Universality and Human Rights – The Universal Declaration’s Legacy in Central Asia and beyond

Goal: to discuss the principles of universality, interdependence, interrelatedness and indivisibility of economic, social, cultural, civil and political rights, and an overview of achievements and challenges in the implementation of human rights obligations.


Part II: Human Rights and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Goal: to provide a common understanding that the SDGs can be achieved effectively and efficiently, in an inclusive, participatory and accountable manner only if states are guided by fundamental human rights principles, provisions of the UN human rights treaties and relevant human rights indicators.


Part III: The role of various branches of power, NHRIs as well as civil society in ensuring respect, protection and fulfillment of human rights while achieving the SDGs and the OSCE human dimension commitments DGs.

Goal: to present and discuss specific mechanisms, tools and approaches that are used by different branches of power and NHRIs to ensure respect, protection and fulfillment of human rights with a goal of achieving the SDGs/OSCE commitments, in close cooperation and broad engagement with the civil society in the decision-making processes.